Epinutric Supplements

Why natural ingredients:

The body recognises the ingredients as if it were food.

The most important thing about dietary supplements and nutrients is that they are of a natural and good quality, which means that both the intestine and the cells can recognise the ingredients as if it were food.
If the content of a dietary supplement is not 100% natural, it will not be utilised to its full potential in the body, as the cells prefer something they can recognise over synthetic products.

We harvest herbs, vegetables and fruit from the Arctic environment

Most of the natural ingredients we use are harvested in the Norwegian nature in northern mountains and valleys where pollution is not a factor. We all want as clean products as possible going in to our bodies.

In Northern Norway the the sun shines 24 hours a day in the summer and contributes to a unique energy absorbed by the vegetation. We transfer that energy in to our products.

Intelligent Supplements – Communicating to intestinal cells

The beauty of natural ingredients

Natural ingredients contain many substances in one product.

Natural ingredients include plant-, mineral- and microbial ingredients that are present in, or produced by the nature.

If you for instance take Fucoid which is extracted from Norwegian bladderwrack, you will find both vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, anti oxidants and amino acids in one product. Unlike a chemical product, in which you most often find only one substance, our natural ingredients will deliver a lot of natural substances easy to absorb.

The environment

Modern science shows that the human body is more affected by the environment than the genetic heritage. This also affects our body’s ability to absorb nutrition.

It is a known fact that the agricultural soil is no longer as rich on vital nutrition as before we started maximizing the agriculture. In daily life where we do not always get the right diet and nutrition from known sources as before, it can be a good idea to take supplements in order to prevent deficiencies at a later date.