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After spending the best part of five years in excruciating pain both day and night, I was diagnosed with a degenerative disk and joint disease also known as Spondylitis. It affected my neck, right shoulder, lower back and right knee.

The doctors told me it was incurable and that I would be on pain management for the rest of my life. This involved a combination of heavy medication with horrible injections into my spine. I was devastated. My life went from being a healthy, active woman that included being a dancer from a child and an avid skier, to barely being able to get out of bed every day. Having two young children gave me that push to carry on regardless, but looking back it was a very dark and tough time in my life. I was only 37 years old.

The diagnosis made me determined to find an alternative therapy that would prove the doctors wrong. The next day I posted a note on Facebook sharing my story and to find people that may have the same or similar disease as me and have managed to find an alternative treatment. My amazing friend Victoria Hatcher got in contact and told me about the Pain Genie. There was a Pain Genie training course in three weeks in Birmingham.

So, I took the opportunity with both feet. I thought “if I come home with results I would invest in this little device and if not, I would carry on my search to find something else”. After travelling with bags and sitting on a train for three hours to attend the course, I was in agony when I arrived.

I managed to sit for the first part of the training and was in awe of what I heard. The lovely Richard Cumbers, an ambassador for Pain Genie, gave me a 5-minute demonstration treatment. After he finished he turned to me and asked, “how do you feel?”. I paused for a second to then realised the pain had eased considerably. What an incredible feeling. It literally took my breath away just how successful this treatment was.

So, I came home the proud owner of this magical little device and that was the start of how NuPhoria Ibiza began to materialise. As part of the Pain Genie training, essential oils were used to compliment my overall treatment. It made me curious to learn more of their benefits and how to combine different oils, so I could make personal blends and use them alongside the Genie. I have also completed an aromatherapy diploma to go into detail what they could do and how they can help. Since using my Pain Genie with a perfect blend of aromatherapy oils that suit my condition, yoga and also learning about how food can affect your systems, as the saying goes, “eat a rainbow” I feel like an energised new woman and enjoying life again.

I can say now, I am grateful for having this condition as I have now found my passion in healing others and sharing this unique, natural but powerful therapy. So, if you or someone you love is looking for an alternative treatment for pain and aliments then please get in touch. And thank you for reading my story. I really hope I can make a difference to other sufferers and inspire people to not give up!

“I am grateful for having suffered this terrible condition as I have now found my passion in healing others and sharing this unique, natural, yet powerful therapy…” 

Gemma Espejo-Degraph
NuPhoria Founder

Whether you are suffering from a long-term condition, or are simply feeling run-down and stressed, we are sure your NuPhoria treatment with leave you feeling like a new person. Don’t take our word for it though, see what our clients say.

“I had a fabulous treatment with NuPhoria Ibiza. In the 21st century new forms of holistic pain relief will becoming more recognised. NuPhoria Ibiza are leading the way.”

Helen, 28 Feb 17

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