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The technological progress of this world is a beautiful thing, but it comes at a considerable price. With faster cars and trains, we got horrifying accidents, with modern weapons – disastrous wars. Even such a peaceful sphere of life as communication brings its own harm into our lives. You may have heard about electromagnetic fields (EMF) and its heavy negative long-term effects on the health. However, with the advent of 5G mobile networks there is a new threat on a horizon in a form of high-frequency millimeter waves (or MMW). Today we are going to look at why it is important to shield yourself from MMW and how you can do it with the help of shungite.

What’s the damage?

MMW is basically the same radiofrequency radiation as EMF only at a much higher frequency, from 30 GHz up to 300 GHz. This way, it is more concentrated and can influence everything, especially the living things on a much smaller level and with much more penetration and pressure. And all known effects of EMF, provided by World Health Organization, are truly horrendous. They include brain tumors, premature aging and tissue degeneration, disruption of cell metabolism, insomnia, stress, skin diseases and other physical and mental damage.

The worst thing about the harmful effects of EMF and MMW is that they are very hard to pinpoint while they are developing, but they are generating critical mass later in life. What you have considered to be a minor inconvenience at the age of 35 may become a serious disease by the age of 55 and you haven’t bothered with checking it because it was so invisible. This direct invisibility of the EMF’s harm is the exact reason why the devices which are radiating it are not banned yet – there is just no proof of any connection between your seemingly harmless cellphone and cancer or any other ailment. And there is no telling what this new, even more advanced type of EMF in 5G mobile network will do to your body, but it seems that the prognosis isn’t too bright.

What’s the trick?

The high frequency 5G MMW radiation cannot safely travel long distances. It is not on its best when it needs to go through walls and tends to be absorbed by liquids and plants. So what is the solution of mobile networks to establish stable and wide coverage of 5G networks? Well, of course to increase the amount of telecommunication towers, FTW! Right now there are around 4 million wireless antennas in the world, without 5G towers. 4G signal travels in general for 22 miles (or 35 km) and is transferred by large cell towers. However, with what we’ve said about 5G, the signal will require smaller antennas which are connected to one cell tower, and it is said that these antennas will be no longer than 150 meters (164 yards) apart from each other. That’s crazy! There will be no hiding from a thing that emits MMW 24-7. We hope that health organizations all over the world will look into the issue of EMF and MMW and will have some sort of solution to diminish the harm, but for now, we have to look for other options.

What’s the cure?

As the fullerenes in shungite are natural absorbents of radiation it effectively shields high-frequency MMW just as it does EMF. To protect yourself from the MMW coming from your phone or tablet you can use shungite phone plate, specifically designed to shield the largest amount of radiation emitted by your devices. If you are afraid of numerous wireless 5G antennas which will be put in your neighborhood once 5G networks will arrive, you can decorate your household with various shungite products. Depending on what you are searching for in your decorations, you can place around your home shungite pyramids, spheres, cubes . They will help to diminish the amount of EMF from your own numerous devices and MMW from 5G antennas from the outside. You can even cover large amount of space on your walls and floor with shungite tile, the solution which many find to be practical and appealing. And don’t forget shungite jewelry pieces, those are not just eye-candies! They provide everyday protection from all forms of radiation in the most essential areas of our bodies: chest, wrists, neck and head. Your options in this are vast and its only up to your taste to pick the means of shielding yourself from the menace of 5G high-frequency radiation.

But be careful where you buy your shungite as none of the 5 mine in Russia test there shungite they give you a certificate to say it comes from the mine but no one tests the shungite to see it has the right fullerene content. We are the only company in Europe that send all of our miracle stones to a Laboratory to get tested by scientists.

After numerous tests we have discovered that 20% of shungite is not what it says it is!! And has a lower fullerene content. So when we say we have the best we really do mean it and it comes with a CE stamp of approval

So now you have been warned and you still have the time to prepare yourself to the threat of MMW and the awful and dreaded 5G!!
Fight this threat together with us and our shungite!!

Heal your mind body and home!!!


Shungite is a natural mineral that is found in Karelia, a region in the northwest of the Russian Federation.

The use of natural Shungite has been documented since the year 1500. Chronicles report that the tsarina mother cured her infertility with Shungite water, resulting in the birth of her son, Tsar Pietro Primo (Peter the Great), who built a large spa on Lake Onega. These waters became famous in all European courts as “Martial waters” for their ability to relieve pain and provide the strongest evidence that Shungite purifies and disinfects the water.  During the war years, the troops deployed to fight Napoleon, used Shungite in their dining sets and water tanks, and proceeded to travel across Europe with minimal losses, and huge protection against the spread of infectious diseases.

How Shungite Works​

Shungite contains both dielectric and diamagnetic capacity, and from this comes the ability to transform harmful electromagnetic waves into biocompatible energy, and become non harmful to our body and all organic material (including plants, animals, etc.).
The intensity of the diamagnetic effect is proportional to the concentration of fullerenes. Its calcium ball structure allows this natural mineral to change the nature of electromagnetic emissions.

What EMF’s Are Doing To Us

The invisible electromagnetic field penetrates our physical / energy bodies,  alarming and activating the immune system which reacts in order to try to compensate the attack.

This drains us of a high amounts of energy which causes one of the first symptoms, fatigue.

How the more severe symptoms affects each living being depends on the ‘normal’ immune system that functions in their daily life. Here we must take into account the  psychological / emotional state, diet, exercise routine and genetics of a person.


New technologies are wonderful and we can no longer imagine living without them but it’s time to raise awareness about the hidden aspects.

The constant use of mobiles, tablets, computers, microwave ovens and wifi means we are forever being exposed to the invisible but truly existing dangers that are EMF’s!!!

We are all too busy to notice and very much hypnotised by the technology that enhances the world around us, but it is one of our greatest enemies right now.

We all just carry on, passively as victims, of that technology which we cannot imagine living without, we need to inform ourselves and our families properly. We are all guilty of burying our heads in the sand and hoping for the best.

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