NuPhoria Testimonials

The best evidence of the benefits of NuPhoria comes from our clients themselves.

See below what some of them had to say about the difference NuPhoria made to their lives.

‘I undertook a NuPhoria treatment due to suffering from a sore neck and shoulder through being crunched over breastfeeding. I left feeling super relaxed and pain free – Gemma really has a magic touch! ‘

Soma Ammari
March 2017

“I had a fabulous treatment with NuPhoria Ibiza. In the 21st century new forms of holistic pain relief will becoming more recognised. NuPhoria Ibiza are leading the way.”

Jonny Gibbons 
November 2017

“Highly Recommended! Take it from the words of a professional hairdresser so suffering with back shoulder and neck pains, my poor feet hurt a lot. So, having Gemma coming to my house was a bliss.

Her hands are amazing! Massage to die for plus the PainGenie method she uses is like magic touch that releases the pain. Plus, on top you get to breathe in the aromatherapy oils. Love it, well worth it.”

Kinga Evans
September 2017

“What a lovely treatment! Actually, one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I felt so relaxed thank you xx can’t wait for the next one ”

Lucy McGeough
March 2017

“Great treatment and something slightly different on offer with the combination of pain genie/ massage / healing blanket and essential oils! I been suffering with postpartum backache on top of constant lifting and broken sleep and was in need of some much-deserved relief!”

Camille Squire
October 2016

“Massively Recommended! Went for treatment today for chronic back pain and have had better results than chiropractors that I have seen in the past! Some new techniques to me but have left with entire body refreshed.”

September 2017

“Wow! Gemma really has a magic touch! After suffering from a sore neck and shoulder due to being crunched over breastfeeding.
Gemma gave me a treatment, using the genie and a full body massage, I left feeling super relaxed and pain free!”

Soma, 25 Mar 17

I have been having treatments with Gemma to manage the symptoms of Rhuematoid Arthritis which have helped me immensely. After the excesses of the holiday season I felt in need of some pampering, so I booked to try her new Cosmotology facial treatment.
As with her other treatments, it was a wonderful relaxing experience. After wafting some lavender oil around to help me relax, she cleansed my face and then got to work with the Genie. It was a pleasant and exciting sensation as I could feel it gently working on my facial muscles. She then applied a mask and gave me a lovely hand massage. At the end of the facial I woozily dragged myself off the bed to look in the mirror. I was amazed by the results. Like most forty-something women, I am noticing changes to my face as I am starting to age, but I could see a huge improvement in every area I have been concerned about. This morning I woke up half expecting my face to be back to normal but the results were still there. Not only that, whilst working on my face, the Genie had also been working its magic on my painful joints that had been flaring for the last few days, and today I feel energised and totally pain free. Where else can you get a treatment that immediately improves your looks and treats a chronic health condition at the same time?! If you’re thinking of botox or even surgery, try this first! I cannot recommend Gemma and her Cosmotology treatment highly enough!

Alex Earland  Jan 2020

I had the cosmetology non invasive face lift and cannot recommend it highly enough. My skin felt amazing afterwards and definitely more tight. I’m going to have course of them which I’m sure will lead to a more youthful appearance. Perfecto 🙏🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Jennifer Thorogood Dec 2019