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Back Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Joint pain, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Migraines, RSI, Sports Injuries, Tennis/Golf Elbow, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Stress, Anxiety and General well-being

Pain Genie

The Pain Genie is a hand held device that stimulates the body’s own immune system via nerve like impulses in a bio-feedback dialogue with the brain and the central nervous system.

A new and unique and new way of healing your mind, body and soul. we combine the Pain Genie therapy followed by an aromatherapy massage with a blend of organic essentials oils chosen by you, mixed with massage, meditation music and the aroma of the amazing oils finishing up wrapped in the healing blanket. You will feel great benefits and work towards healing all sorts of aliments.

Pain Genie Experience

The scenar is placed directly on your skin and feels like a pleasant tingling sensation. As the device is moved over the skin information is collected relating to the tissues and organs. Once a blockage is detected the device becomes sticky and a brushing method is then used to smooth the stickiness out. During the brushing method the scenar becomes the Dr Dolittle of the cellular world, stimulating the nervous system to produce neuropeptides (the bodies own pharmacy) giving you an immediate feeling of relief.

Healing Blanket

The Healing Health Blanket has gone through extensive research conducted by the Russian Space Program.

This unique blanket contains reflective metallic material similar to that used in the lining of the astronaut suits for protection against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields. The Blanket has amazing health benefits because it works as an energy mirror, reflecting the body’s natural radiation back and showing the body its ‘energetic portrait’. The body corrects these imbalances and restores the harmony and beauty of its natural energy flow, gradually improving the state of health. The body regains its natural healing powers, returning to the path of our youth, when our self-recovery ability was its strongest.

‘I badly damaged my shoulder Snowboarding and couldn’t lift it above my head, after 4 treatments with Gemma and the Pain Genie, I can now train and feel no pain at all. I cannot recommend this enough if you have pain from an injury or chronic illness.’

Matt., Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

“Massively Recommended! Went for treatment today for chronic back pain and have had better results than chiropractors that I have seen in the past! Some new techniques to me but have left with entire body refreshed.”

Anon, Nov 2017

Treatments typically take around 90 minutes and cost €70